What You Should Know About the Black Amish


Black Amish

The Black Amish are an ethnic group of American Mennonites living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Although they are part of the mainstream Amish community, the Black Amish maintain a unique culture, religion, language, and social structure. Because of their dark skin, the Black Amish are often confused with other Amish groups. Here’s what you should know about them and how they differ from other groups.

What you should know about Black Amish?

Black Amish are known for their simple ways of life and don’t use modern technology. They value community and help one another when they’re sick. In the Old Order branch of the Amish faith, they don’t have indoor plumbing or running water. However, there are some benefits of living in such a community.

In recent years, more black Amish have moved into cities such as Philadelphia  . Some have even begun to attend public schools. Despite their acceptance of black children, some people still think that the Amish community is racist. In reality, Amish families accept black children as a way to protect their children from racism. They hope to give their children a better life than the lives of other people and to protect them from racial abuse.

Black Amish men and women are often confused with Mennonites, because their attire is similar, but the Black Amish wear hats. The men often wear beards and wear plain clothing, whereas the men in Mennonite communities shave their faces. In addition, black Amish don’t own cars, instead riding in horse-drawn buggies, called shays. These buggies have open tops, and the Amish wear hats and bonnets when they go outside.

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