Adding a Grom Exhaust to Your Mini Bike

The Honda Grom mini bike is a fun and reliable motorcycle. It has a five-speed transmission and a 124cc engine. With a seat height of 30 inches, it is capable of carrying two adults. However, it has a very low wheelbase, measuring just 47.2 inches. This makes it a great city motorcycle for commuting.

Does changing exhaust affect top speed?

Most minibike grom exhaust come with a stock system. This system is not designed for public land and is not allowed by federal regulations. If you would like to reduce the noise, you can purchase a motorcycle muffler. There are many different options available, including aftermarket and custom built.

One popular option is a muffler that is designed specifically for the Honda Grom. These mufflers are bigger than the standard mini bike muffler, which results in a quieter and more comfortable ride. Another type of muffler is the box style, which has shorter exhaust pipes and is placed closer to the engine. Both of these types are very popular.

Another choice is a full system exhaust by Yoshimura. Yoshimura has built a reputation for providing quality parts and has become a leading manufacturer of full racing systems. Their R&D department is dedicated to finding the best possible parts for their customers. By adding a full system exhaust, you can increase horsepower, torque, and ground clearance. In addition, you will have a unique color change, making the exhaust system even more unique.

A muffler can also make your mini bike quieter and more enjoyable for both you and your neighbors. While a motorcycle muffler is an expensive accessory, it can be a worthwhile investment.

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