IPQS Email Validation API Review

IPQS email validation

IPQS is a global fraud detection provider that offers enterprise-grade solutions to help identify bots, high risk accounts and suspicious payments. They use extensive data and years of research to provide companies with the ability to detect fraudulent transactions and online activity.

Email Verification – Improve Email Deliverability & Inboxing Rates

Free email validator verification is essential for ensuring that emails are delivered to your recipients’ inboxes. It also helps you remove invalid, disposable or unauthorized emails from your database to ensure that your messages reach their intended targets.

The IPQS Email Validation API checks the validity of an email address in real-time using hundreds of syntax and DNS checks. It then determines whether it can be verified with the mail service provider of your choice.

Free Email Validator: Pros and Cons of Using Free Email Validation Tools

Easily remove unauthorized or low reputation emails such as disposable email addresses and honeypots that are commonly used by spam traps and fraudsters to blacklist your domains. Additionally, it can quickly identify fake leads and disposable/temporary accounts to prevent these from affecting your deliverability rates.

Domain Age – Determines the “First Seen” date of an email account to ensure the most accurate detection of newly created domains that are often used by fraudsters to host bogus or stolen user data. This value can be “high”, “medium” or “low” to enhance the accuracy of detecting fake and high risk users with suspected fraudulent email accounts.

Abuse Detection – Quickly identify & block spam traps and abusers on your site with industry best detection rates. Removing these types of email addresses from your list reduces your site’s overall risk by lowering your hard bounce rates.

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