How to Find the Best Fitted Men’s Athletic Cut T Shirts

athletic cut t shirts

Athletic cut t shirts | Tailored Athlete are designed for men with an active lifestyle. Their tapered style at the waist hugs your “v” shape body to give you a defined look and more room in the chest and arms for freedom of movement.

When choosing a t shirt to wear while working out, look for a comfortable fabric that wicks moisture away and keeps you cool and dry throughout. This can help you avoid overheating and irritation to your skin, resulting in fewer injuries and faster recovery times.

Getting a Fitted T-Shirt to Work for You

As a general rule, you should look for a t-shirt that has a seam that extends across the center of your shoulder to the very top of your arm. If this seam is too far in, the shirt won’t fit properly.

Fit for Performance: The Benefits of Athletic Cut T-Shirts

Another important factor is whether the sleeves go halfway down your upper arm or not. This sleeve line is the most natural and flattering to your bicep definition.

Lastly, the seams of the shoulder should align with your shoulders bones so that you don’t feel tight or restricted. This is the best way to avoid discomfort and chafing during workouts.

The best fitted t shirts are made from a soft, lightweight fabric that wicks sweat away from your skin and keeps you comfortable. They also offer anti bacterial/low odour and UV protection so you can be confident wearing them when going for a run, yoga session, or to the gym.

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