Husky Poodle Mix

A husky poodle mix is a great dog for active people and families. They are very affectionate and loyal to their humans, even showing a playful and mischievous side from time to time. They need daily exercise to burn off their energy, and a backyard is preferable so they can play in it between walks. They are also excellent jogging and hiking partners, as they can keep up with their human counterparts with ease. Find out

Due to their innate intelligence, a husky poodle mix is easy to train. However, they can inherit their stubbornness and pack mentality from their Siberian Husky parent, so it is important to begin training them early at home and attend puppy classes. This is especially important since they may have a tendency to take the lead and can be hard to break of their independent streak.

Socializing Your Husky Poodle Mix: Tips for a Well-Adjusted and Friendly Pet

They are not a very yappy breed, but they can also inherit their siberian husky’s natural tendency to bark when something irks them. It is important to socialize them well with children and other dogs at a young age to help prevent this from developing into a behavior problem later in life.

Since both the poodle and husky have been bred for hunting and sledding, they have a high prey drive and may chase smaller animals like birds or guinea pigs. This is not a good idea if you have other pets in the house as it can lead to serious injuries or even death for your animal.

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