Snake Plant Leaves Turning Yellow

snakeplant turning yellow

Snake.plant turning yellow when there is a problem with the plant. This can be caused by many factors, including overwatering or lack of water, too much sun exposure, fungal disease, insect infestation, temperature stress and nutrient deficiencies. There are also some plants that are genetically prone to turning yellow and will do so over time.

If the snake plant is getting too much sun, the leaves may turn yellow and mushy. This can be fixed by moving the plant to a different location that is less sunny. It may also help to add more soil that drains well.

Overwatering can cause the snake plant to turn yellow and mushy. This is easy to fix by checking the potting mix. If it is still moist, then the snake plant is being overwatered and needs to be watered less often.

Yellow Alert: Troubleshooting and Saving Your Snake Plant from Yellow Leaves

Another reason the snake plant is turning yellow is if it is being fed too much fertilizer. This can be corrected by adding a little bit of fertilizer at a time to the potting mix. Too much can be very damaging to the snake plant and can cause it to turn yellow and die.

Cold temperatures can also cause the leaves to become yellow and mushy. This is because the low temperature causes damage to the cell walls of the leaves which in turn slows down the processes of photosynthesis. This can be easily corrected by moving the snake plant to a warmer location or if it is outside bring it inside.

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