How to Find a Jaguar E Type For Sale

jaguar e type

The iconic jaguar e type  is one of the most beautiful classic cars ever to be produced. Its beauty is matched by its excellent build quality and performance. It is no surprise that this car has a long waiting list. Its engine and transmission are top notch and the car is easy to drive. It can easily accommodate four people and is able to carry luggage for road trips. It is also easy to find a jaguar e type for sale at a reasonable price.

The E-type was a sensation upon its launch and a hugely popular model. Jaguar shifted its production to keep up with demand and a waiting list built up in no time. The E-type was a sports car that had a luxury interior and could carry up to four people. It had a 3781 cc XK engine and a Moss four-speed manual transmission without overdrive. Its design and styling were a combination of Malcolm Sayer’s sleek low slung body and Sir William Lyons’ vision of what Jaguar was to be in the future.

Unveiling the Legendary Jaguar E-Type: A Timeless Symbol of Automotive Excellence

By the late 1960s, however, times were changing and consumers wanted more comfort and air conditioning. The aerodynamics of the E-Type, led by the renowned Jaguar aerodynamicist Malcolm Sayer, were a big part of its appeal. But American legislation on safety meant that all US export cars had to be fitted with ungainly rubber bumper overriders which distorted the shape of the car and made it less appealing.

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