The Track Top Mocha

track top mocha

The track top mocha is the ultimate in comfort, style and versatility. It’s perfect for the gym, casual wear or just chilling at home. Pair it with our Coast Linen Pants for a great look.

Coffee track top mocha are espresso based drinks that are infused with chocolate, traditionally dark chocolate. The flavours of the coffee and the chocolate combine beautifully to create a unique coffee experience. Mochas are often served with a layer of milk and topped with whipped cream and dusting of cocoa powder for the perfect finish.

The key to making a delicious mocha is in the preparation of the coffee. You can achieve this with a Nespresso machine or alternatively, with a stovetop espresso maker such as a Moka pot. The ideal ratio of coffee to water is between 15:1 and 20:1 depending on your preference.

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When choosing your espresso, the most important factor is to pick a roast that is full and balanced. A good option is Ispirazione Roma, which combines lightly roasted South and Central American Arabicas with Robusta for a rich and full flavour.

The chocolate used in a mocha can be either syrup, melted or powdered. Using syrups or melted chocolate opens up a wide range of chocolate variations, including white, milk or even hazelnut or mint. Powdered chocolate is quick and easy to use, but requires more care in mixing as it can be difficult to dissolve completely.

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