Wet Pour Repair

Wetpour Repair

Wetpour Repair surfaces offer shock-absorption and traction which can help with injury, but like anything they need to be maintained. The good news is that wet pour maintenance is incredibly simple and if you carry out regular inspections you should be able to pick up any areas that need repair before they become trip hazards.

The surface should be inspected daily and weekly as a minimum and it is recommended that the surface is top-coated every two years for an extra layer of durability. The frequency of top-coating will depend on a range of factors including use, weather conditions and the location of the site.

Wetpour Repair FAQs: Your Questions Answered

Any damage or vandalism can be easily repaired by our team of experienced installers. This includes repairing cracks, filling in loose or worn areas and replacing any lost rubber granules. It is also important that the surface is not exposed to salt or grit as this can be damaging and can reduce the porosity of the surface which can then cause drainage issues.

A common area where wet pour repairs are needed is around the perimeter of an existing installation where it has shrunk away from the edges. This can be a common issue on many surfaces but is a natural process as rubber expands and contracts with the changing seasons. We can carry out a band repair by cutting a chase or channel through the existing edge, removing the old rubber, priming the new edging, and then re-laying the new wetpour wearing course which can be done in a different colour to create a design.

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