Cheap Buds – How to Spot Good Buds at a Discount

cheap buds

The cannabis industry can sometimes produce bad bud, especially if it’s a large batch. Dispensaries often try to get rid of that bud by offering it at a discount. The bud can be anything from a weak terpene profile to powdery mildew and mold. If you’re looking for cheap buds, make sure you understand what quality looks like and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Check this out:

There are a lot of options when it comes to budget-friendly buds. For example, the Sony WF-C500 is a great pair of open earbuds that deliver impressive sound quality at a very affordable price point. They’re not perfect, though, with a few minor complaints like impractical controls that could cause discomfort and mediocre storage capacity in the charging case.

Budding on a Budget: Unveiling the Best Deals on Cheap Buds

Another excellent pair of budget buds is the Baseus Bowie MA10. These are a fantastic entry into true wireless earbuds that have surprisingly good active noise canceling for the low price (you just don’t see many in this price range with ANC). They’re also IPX6 waterproof, feature Bluetooth multipoint pairing and connect to a companion app. While they stick out of your ears a bit, they’re still comfortable to wear for hours and have a stylish aesthetic.

The JLab Audio GO Air POP is another budget option that has a lot to offer for the money. While they don’t have as much ANC as Creative’s pair, they have a fun cubist design that stands out in a sea of drab-looking buds and a great battery life at nine hours. They also support Google Quick Pair and can be adjusted via a companion app for even more customizability.

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