Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone is a natural hormone that declines with age. Men with low levels experience erectile dysfunction, loss of body mass and muscle, anemia, and depressed moods. Testosterone replacement therapy, also called TRT, can help counter these effects.Learn more :trtcleveland.info

Many men report improved energy levels, sex drive, and quality of erections after taking testosterone. It can also increase bone density, muscle mass, and insulin sensitivity in some men. Whether the benefits outweigh the risks depends on each man. It’s important to discuss the pros and cons of testosterone treatment with your doctor.

Reclaiming Vitality: The Comprehensive Guide to Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Some people mistakenly think that testosterone replacement is the same as “doping” used by some athletes. However, the doses used in medically prescribed testosterone replacement achieve naturally occurring levels of the hormone in the blood. This is different than the illegally obtained steroids that some bodybuilders and athletes use, which contain much higher doses of testosterone, often in combination with chemicals that boost its muscle-building effect.

The long-term effects of testosterone replacement therapy aren’t well understood, and only those who have symptoms and a confirmed low level of testosterone should consider it. Only after a thorough medical evaluation can your doctor determine if the risks and benefits outweigh those of testosterone replacement. If the answer is yes, you can choose to have the therapy administered through skin gels (AndroGel, Fortesta), mouth patches (Natesto), or injections and implants (Striant, Axiron). These bypass the liver to deliver the testosterone directly into your bloodstream.

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