Validate Phone Number API

The ability to validate and verify phone numbers is critical for many business applications, including user sign ups, contact forms, lead generation and telemarketing campaigns. Accurate and complete phone numbers improve data quality and ensure compliance with regulatory bodies, while also improving the user experience. Incorrect or invalid phone number data is costly and time consuming to clean up, but implementing a validator API can help reduce mistakes.

A validate phone number API is a web service that takes a standard phone number input and checks for proper format, length and digit count. It can also perform additional verifications like verifying location and timezone, retrieving carrier information such as line type (landline, mobile/wireless or prepaid), and even checking for ported phone numbers and disconnected status.

Ensuring Accuracy: Validate Phone Number API

Streamline sign-ups – Use a real-time phone validation API to validate and enrich data in your website, CRM, ERP, or any other online form or application. Checking phone numbers in real-time ensures that they’re active, reachable, and not fake or harmful – which eliminates reCAPTCHAs, removes the need for a phone number confirmation field, and reduces telemarketing costs.

When evaluating a validate phone number API, consider the level of accuracy provided by each provider, as well as the cost and ease of integration. Look for an API that offers a range of options for verification, including standardization in national and international formats, as well as additional enrichment such as line type, location and registration.

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