Hunting Safaris in Africa

Big Game – the iconic species of lion, hunting safari in africa , buffalo and elephant are the main draw for hunters in africa. For those seeking the most challenging and rewarding safari experience, hunting these apex predators is what it’s all about. Whether you prefer spot and stalk, a blind hunt or a mixture of both, it is still possible to find an outfitter that can provide you with the ultimate big game hunting experience.

Besides the ‘Big Five’ there is a whole host of other exciting and challenging species that can be pursued on a hunting safari in africa. From hunting the endemic sable in South Africa, to hunting cheetah in Namibia, or pursuing roan antelope on a private ranch in Zimbabwe; there are plenty of opportunities to take a trophy of a lifetime.

Unforgettable Experiences: Hunting Safaris in Africa

In addition to the more common plains game animals, there are also a number of smaller and less common antelope species that can be pursued on an African hunting safari. These include the bizarre-looking blue wildebeest, the elusive Damara Dik-Dik and the distinctively colored bontebok. The kudu is another common and very striking plains game animal to consider, as well as the klipspringer (which are aptly named for their riveting ability to’spring’ from rock to rock).

For those seeking an adventure that is more like that of the old days, it is still possible to find some true wild hunting safaris in Africa. However, it is important to make sure that any such safari is conducted by a responsible outfitter and follows strict regulations. It is also essential to be aware that even though some areas may have been used for wild hunting in the past, they can still be re-stocked with wildlife. As a testament to this, the recently re-opened Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania has repopulated with a large population of lions very rapidly.

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