2nd Amendment Flags Collection

When our founding fathers wrote the Second Amendment, they envisioned an armed citizenry that could protect itself from tyranny. Historians have parsed and debated the words of that amendment, but it’s clear that it protects not just well-regulated militias (the forerunner of today’s National Guard), but individuals who hold firearms for self-defense or hunting.Source:https://ultimateflags.com/collections/2nd-amendment-flag/

The “Come and Take It” flag, which originated in the Texas Revolution, carries that legacy to this day. It’s become a symbol of Texan pride and defiance, as well as a reaffirmation of individual rights. It’s also been used by pro-gun advocates as a rallying cry against gun control.

Defending Rights: 2nd Amendment Flags Collection

Our high-quality, Made in the USA, 2nd Amendment Flag makes a bold statement for your home or garden. Its bold graphics are digitally printed on both sides and the colors stay bright and fade-resistant in all outdoor conditions. The 13 1/2″L x 18″H flag fits perfectly into our decorative garden flagpole for easy hanging.

Our premium 2nd Amendment Flag features a strong canvas header and brass grommets. It’s built to withstand the elements, flying in even the slightest breeze. It’s the perfect way to show your support of American freedom and independence with a flag that reflects your values and lifestyle.

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