Our Selection of Educational Podcasts

Educational Podcasts

Educational podcasts are increasingly popular as a way to keep children, teenagers, and adults up-to-date with news and current events. Whether you’re on the go or in the office, these audio programs can help you learn about a topic. Here are a few examples of educational podcasts to get you started.

Stuff You Should Know (SYSK)

Stuff You Should Know is a podcast that discusses a wide variety of topics in depth. Hosted by Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant, the podcast has been running for over 10 years, and has over 1,000 episodes. It is an entertaining and informative way to learn more about a wide variety of topics.

The show covers various topics that are relevant to our everyday lives. This includes the history of popular topics and their cultural impact. SYSK pods are available in over 1,000 different titles. Many of them are available in downloadable formats. Listeners can find the perfect podcast for their needs.

The best episode of Stuff You Should Know is “Vocal Fry and Other Speech Trends.” The show explores the history of vocal fry, which is a trend that has become popular with the Kardashians and Britney Spears. The show hosts are very opinionated about the practice, and take men to task for complaining.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History educational video podcast is an entertaining and informative way to learn about historical events and people. Carlin uses unorthodox thinking to present the facts behind historical events. Although he’s not an historian, his approach to historical events is as engaging and informative as that of a history professor. In addition to a unique approach to presenting historical events, his podcast is also remarkably well produced.

In his educational podcast, Dan Carlin dives into the history of events, places, and figures that are relevant today. For example, in his episode “Blueprint for Armageddon,” Carlin tells us the story of the first world war. His narrator vividly portrays the devastation and the horror of this war. Listening to this podcast is an excellent way to reinforce the lessons taught in history class.

Dan Carlin has not ceased producing educational podcasts since 2006. However, his team of producers is very small, and he prefers this small team size as it allows him to focus on his work.

Amber Northern’s Brains On!

Amber Northern’s Brains On! is a red ale with a malty aroma and a clean finish. Amber had suffered from severe headaches and exhaustion for six years, and her symptoms were often attributed to stress. However, when Amber was twelve, she began to become very sleepy, had difficulty speaking, and was vomiting, so her mother, Daniella, called an ambulance. An MRI scan later revealed that Amber had a brain tumor, a choroid plexus papilloma. She is now being monitored with regular scans to check her progress and make sure she does not become sick again.

Stephen Dubner’s Practical Money Skills

Freakonomics Radio is a popular educational podcast, based on Stephen Dubner’s popular book. This podcast features guests like Olympic gold medalists, academics, business owners, and more, who share their insights on a wide range of topics. The podcast is based on the philosophy that everything in life has a hidden side.

Each episode is self-contained and stand-alone, though some guests return for the next episode in the series. The podcast hosts interview academics, business professionals, and the general North American public. These guests provide primary source material, while the hosts contribute contextual framing and commentary. The podcast hosts use relatable stories to debunk complex economic issues.

The podcast is filled with irreverent advice, humor, and actionable tips to improve your financial situation. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, from how to save for retirement to how to make extra cash.