What Are Journaling Threads?

Journaling Threads

Journaling threads are threads of execution that each attempt to obtain the journal data output right. Typically, one thread will output the entire journal data set to storage at once, while subsequent journal data is received and output collectively by other threads. This batch output technique allows for high throughput. However, it is important to note that multiple journal processing threads are not necessarily equivalent to one another. Generally, it is best to run a single journaling thread at a time, as this approach will reduce the number of retries that are required for each write operation.

Journal processing thread 65-1

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There are several methods to process a journal. One method involves using a plurality of journal processing threads. Each thread is assigned a right to process journal data, and the output of the journal data is a result of this right. This method provides a high throughput by processing multiple journals in parallel. The method is also advantageous because it can handle multiple journal types. This method can also be used with decentralized management.

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