Rhonda Anderson

I started my blog in November 2010. At that time, I was already passionate about two things: psychology, and self-help. Creating this blog allowed me to combine the two and have my own platform to share around the topics that I am passionate about.

I started by sharing my content on Facebook groups. A community was quickly created around my content proposals and it is this same community that pushed me to open my own blog. This platform was not yet as developed at the time.

As a blogger, I do my own tests and I share them with you on this blog in order to exchange them together afterwards. The important thing is not to sell you products or services here, but to share my discoveries by giving you a subjective opinion.

This state of mind has been present in my life since the beginning of my blog and continues with time. These are values that I hold dear. My blog was first hosted via the Blogger platform. I switched to WordPress in May 2015 (all my old articles are no longer on this blog). Welcome to the upgraded version of Rhonda, called Diario Oficial Digital.